[mythtv-users] No videos on remote frontend

Kevin Plew kevincplew at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 23:33:24 UTC 2010

Folks- I'm having an issue getting videos served up for the master
backend to my frontend in the living room. Recordings and music work
fine, but when I try to browse my videos the frontend locks up.

Front end log looks like this:
2010-08-13 19:28:18.373 MythVideo: Adding MediaMonitor device: /
2010-08-13 19:28:18.378 MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory Scanning Group
2010-08-13 19:28:18.494 MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory Scanning (/home/kevin)
2010-08-13 19:28:18.502 MythVideo::ScanVideoDirectory Scanning (/)

and then that's it.

Any ideas?


Kevin Plew
kevincplew at gmail.com

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