[mythtv-users] mythepisode - mythweb unofficial addon

Chad Oppliger chadopp at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 04:04:24 UTC 2010

I created a little add-on to mythweb that displays every television series
ever aired(according to tvrage).  Each tv show has a link that when selected
will display a list of every episode for the particular show and a status
showing if you have a particular episode scheduled for recording or have
recorded it in the past.  From the episode listing you can choose to create
a tvwish list that will schedule recordings based off of the wish list when
they become available.

mythepisode is something I created because I wanted to find out if I had
seen every episode of "The King of Queens" and record them if not.  I wasn't
going to put this out because I'm truly a hack when it comes to coding, but
i figured someone might find it useful and make improvements to the code.

I am running mythtv .22 and have only tested it with that version.  You can
find the code and data files at
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