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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 11:16:59 UTC 2010

On 12 August 2010 08:51, Glenn Sommer <glemsom at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a XML file generated using a xmltv grabber.
> Here's a cut of the file:
> --- START ---
>  <programme start="20100826003500 +0200" stop="20100826013000 +0200"
> channel="TVK.dr.dk">
>    <title lang="da">En fri mand</title>
>    <desc lang="da">Anden del af krimi-serien fra 1996 med Ole Ernst
> som den røveridømte Frank der forsøger at vende tilbage til et liv
> uden kriminalitet.
> Sendt første gang 25.12.96</desc>
>    <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">2/2</episode-num>
>    <video>
>      <aspect>4:3</aspect>
>    </video>
>    <previously-shown />
>  </programme>
> --- STOP ---
> When using mythfilldatabase, it does not seem like the episode numbers
> gets filled into the database.
> Looking in the program table, "partnumber" and "parttotal" are always 0
> What am I doing wrong here?

The format of the episode numbering in the above XML snippet is
invalid in two respects, with respect to the XMLTV DTD:

Firstly, series/episode/part numbers are zero-indexed (total values
are the actual number). So if your example is representing the second
part of a two-parter, it should be " .  . 1/2" (perhaps not
immediately obvious).

Secondly, the format of the episode-num string is " a/b . c/d . e/f"
where the separating periods are required, but the values of a-f are
optional. The string above does not include any periods to separate
series/episode/part numbering, so it is unclear as to what information
is being provided.

Are you using the dk_dr grabber?


Nick Morrott

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