[mythtv-users] Victims...... I mean Testers wanted.....HD transcode script that should keep AC3 intact if it's in the original stream.

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Thu Aug 12 07:10:16 UTC 2010

Another Sillyname wrote:
> I've been working on a script specifically for HD transmissions that
> does the following....
> 1.  Produces a H264 output, If the original stream has a AC3 track
> keeps it intact.
> 2.  Identifies whether a transmission is HD based upon the
> transmission specs not the EIT or XML data.
> 3.  Transcodes and allows resize from 1080 down to 360
> 4.  Puts it all into an mkv container.
> 5.  Pulls from the mythDB ONLY the HD transmissions and presents the
> user with a list of recordings and the station that transmitted them.
> 6.  Prefers to run the transcode on a different machine from the
> mythbackend (to reduce loading on the main box)
> 7.  Detects and uses the maximum 'sensible' number of threads for the
> transcode, i.e. an I7 chip would utilise 6 threads.
> 8.  Allows the user to set the 'quality' of the transcode on 4 scales.
> 9.  Uses the edit points in the mythDB to remove adverts, leadin and
> leadout rubbish.  If you've setup your recordings with the cutpoints
> this should produce edited HD AC3 H264 output in an MKV container.
> The script is all menu interaction and all information is pulled from
> the mythDB, it's written in BASH and inspired by nuvexport.
> I need 5-6 testers and as the script is only aimed at HD recordings
> your box needs to record HD transmissions.
> The only dependencies on the box are mysql client, mencoder, mplayer,
> ffmpeg and mkvtools .
> The first test version should be available this weekend.
> Please if you're interested let me know what country you're in, rough
> spec of your proposed transcoding box and any issues that you can
> think of that may be relevant or important.
> Note I'm cr*p at scripting so if this causes your machine to catch
> fire and burns your house down I'm not responsible, seriously though
> I'm not a proper programmer but have pulled together this script from
> various different ideas and sources.  I'm sure whole chunks of it can
> be re-written far better by the real coders amongst you, but it does
> seem to work!!
> Anthony
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I'm in the Netherlands, PAL-area and will have a look if you decide to 
'publish' it. Maybe I can come up with other 'speed' enhancements where 
your script can profit from. I at the moment use distributed encoding 
over 12-Cores on 5 different machines in parallel, with advert-cutting, 
encoding, extracting subtitles and finally muxing to mkv, with all this, 
speed is between 100-140fps.
This is for SD2SD.

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