[mythtv-users] Myth on Xen domU?

MarcT myrdhn at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 16:33:38 UTC 2010

Actually, I solved my mythtv build issue. Turns out it was looking for
something and was not finding it.
I'm not sure if you are familiar with how Gentoo installs things but when I
do "emerge 'package'" it is supposed to pull in all dependencies for the
package. When I did an "emerge mythtv" it wanted to install mythtv as it
said it had already installed all prereqs. However, since it said something
was missing, I decided to check on something and did "emerge -ND mythtv".
This tells it to do a check for new versions of already installed packages
as well as a deep check of all packages not just those that the current pack
for depends on. It found out that qt-qt3support wanted to install before
myth. So somehow, something that myth depends on depends on qt-qt3support
which didn't get pulled in for some reason and caused myth to fail to
compile due to a dependency missing a dependency.
Clear as mud?


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