[mythtv-users] Output to h.264

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Thu Aug 5 22:29:14 UTC 2010

> UPnP is not what you want for over-the-internet, but you could have people
> connect to your backend with MythWeb, which

Ok, figured it would be a local broadcast protocol only. I know some of my stuff has it, just never used it in any way that I know of.

> Google Robot hit a MythWeb site and "visited" each "delete this file" link,
> with predictable results).

Hehe, no problem, I won't be putting something like that on the net :). And if I do, it'll be a point to point hole only.

> "Live" means running from the optical media, without having to install
> anything to your hard drive(s).

Then yes, I did use those ISO's but no, I didn't run them off the cdrom first. I just installed or at least attempted with the other distros.
> Mythbuntu, Mythdora and Knoppmyth are "all in one" distributions that
> include MythTV. If you can't install the basic OS
> that underlies an "all in one" you are likely to have problems, I'd try and
> solve the "won't install" problem, by going to
> the appropriate forum for the underlying OS.

There were no errors, the cdrom just stops after a while when using any distro but knoppmyth. 
It does install using knoppmyth which is all I wanted to start with, to get some hands on time to play. I
I build only RHEL or Centos systems which aren't very media friendly otherwise, I'd have done it from scratch.

> It shouldn't be too confusing, Myth is better documented than most open
> source projects, the WiKi is very helpful and
> chock full of useful information.

Since I've just started looking into all of this, the confusing parts are which distro to pick. Often, the only real way to know is to just give the main ones a try. What I fear most is that most media aware distros don't have any long term stable versions and I read a ton of forum messages of nightmares after having done a system update. Scary.

Other confusing aspects are simply that these types of projects, while having a lot of good documentation around, tend to have a LOT of documentation around, some of it good, a lot of it bad input from people who were just testing things and giving the wrong advise. Nothing new, that's with any and all linux projects I'm involved with at least.
Aside from that, just a matter of getting a sense of what hardware works well, what doesn't, getting a good sense of what I'm after through trial and error, etc.

> Most users are using the nVidia "binary blob" drivers, which might not

I'll look into that, thanks.
> Myth is a complex set of components, setting up a learning system and
> playing for a while is probably the best next for you at this point.

Like everything I've ever taken on, you're right, that's the best way to get my hands dirty. I did reply and ask about hardware to get thoughts and that will be a starting point. 


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