[mythtv-users] Issues with Videos and Appearance

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Thu Aug 5 22:32:05 UTC 2010

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Joseph Fry wrote:
>     Tom Lichti wrote:
>     > sh: mplayer: not found
>     Have you tried going into Utilities/Setup - Setup - Media Settings -
>     Videos Settings - Player Settings and also Utilities/Setup - Setup -
>     Media Settings - Videos Settings - File Types to make sure that the
>     player command is set to 'Internal'? That way it won't try to launch
>     an external player for your videos.
> Damn... beat me to it.
> mythtv does not need mplayer, and there is obviously something left over
> from your old install that is saying to use mplayer to play your
> videos.  Tom nailed it.  Set everything to Internal and you should be
> good to go.

Thanks for the help!

Correct on the settings being wrong. Mplayer was indeed listed instead
of internal. I guess that reload of my old data brought that bit back in.

I still have that screwed up hierarchy though. Now when I go to play a
file I get: "Failed to open file in /media/myth/videos/Movies/"

Of course it failed. The Movies directory is "/media/drive1/Movies/". I
checked (Backend Setup)>Storage Directories>Videos. It points to the
correct location. So I checked (Frontend)>Utilities/Setup>Setup>Media
Settings>Video Settings>General Settings>'Directory that holds videos'
and that is blank.

Does anyone know where it might be pulling back this odd path from?

I am digging around trying to find that out right now.

Thanks again for the help!


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