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Justin Garrison rothgar at 1n73r.net
Thu Aug 5 02:55:12 UTC 2010

>   On 8/4/2010 14:03, Donald J. Organ IV wrote:
> > http://www.matrox.com/video/en/products/mac/mxo2_family/mxo2_mini/
> Why bother?  It's $450 for just the capture box, or $850 if you want the
> hardware H264 encoder card.  The HDPVR retails for $200 and goes down
> from there.
>It will capture HDMI, which the HDPVR won't do, so it might be useful to
someone with extra money. I think it's still
>cheaper than the HD Fury.
>I'm not sure how it deals with HDCP (or doesn't).
>The HDPVR will fail when they finally implement selective output control,
so we do have to keep our eyes open for
>alternatives, but this looks to be too pricey, for me at least.

I think you might be confused on what selective output control actually
applies to. Selective output control was only approved for movies that are
going to be shown on TV while they are still also in theaters.
Cable/satellite companies are not allowed to use SOC for anything other than
that. SOC was not approved to all of a sudden block you from being able to
watch your regular (or even premium) channels over whatever output you want.
It applies to content that isn't even available yet from any provider, it
was put in place for future offerings and pay per view type movies that are
not yet out on video or licensed to another channel/provider to show on TV
(and possible special PPV sporting events but I don't remember that one
That being said, once SOC is put into practice it would only stop you from
recording something you currently can't record anyway because the content
isn't even available anywhere besides illegal sources. Of course at that
point you could just get an HD Fury ($200-400) and still record the content,
but that is besides the point.
Originally they wanted to use SOC to block anything and everything they
could, but that is not how it was actually approved. And lets face it, by
the time they actually start offering movies on demand that are still in
theaters, there will probably be some pretty nice HDMI capture cards anyway.

Justin Garrison
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