[mythtv-users] displaying closed captions from DVD

Chris Purves chris at northfolk.ca
Sun Aug 1 18:58:07 UTC 2010

On August 1, 2010 14:13:43 Chris Purves wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a DVD of a television series that contains closed captioning.  I have been unable to display the closed captioning using MythTV and the internal player.  According to the wiki, pressing 'T' should enable or disable closed captioning, but it enables subtitles (which there are none) instead of the closed captions.  Is MythTV able to display closed captions from DVD's?
> I am able to display them using xine, so the closed captions are indeed there.
> I am using Mythbuntu with MythTV 0.23.

I was able to get CC working, by binding a key to the "NEXTCC" function. ( Utilities/Setup --> Edit Keys --> TV Playback --> NEXTCC )

The problem, as far as I can tell, is that there aren't separate toggle keys for CC and subtitles.  MythTV assumes that when playing a DVD you only want to use subtitles.  Interestingly, once CC is enabled by using the NEXTCC function, 'T' will turn off CC.

Chris Purves

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