[mythtv-users] 10.04 volume issue

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Fri Apr 30 16:00:26 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-04-30 at 12:28 -0300, Jim Chisholm wrote:
> > It seems that with every release of myth and ubuntu, I find more 
> > things that don't work.  The most stable setup I ever had was .21 
> > running on ubuntu 8.10 (with the same hardware I'm running now).
> I'm 
> > pretty sure I rebooted the machine once between installation and 
> > upgrading to .22 (besides for a power outage or two).  Those were
> the 
> > days...
> >
> >    
> 0.21 on 8.10 ran perfectly.
> In retrospect I should never have "upgraded" it. 

I'm always surprised to read such comments.

I've been using Ubuntu for MythTV for nearly 3 years now.

        First recording: Saturday August 4th, 2007

I've been religiously doing the current updates and the release upgrades
every 6 months, sometimes catching the next releases early during alpha
periods, sometimes picking up repositories for bleeding edge packages.

Never have I once broken anything for more than an hour, every time my
fault, or lost any WAF point. I only did one DB restore, because of an
alpha bug.

I want the continuous updates for security, stability and sometimes
features updates.

I want the release upgrades for speed and features improvements.

Sometimes I want a side repository for a feature that I really, really

I really like the packaging system and the quality control processes
feeding it.

Regarding Pulseaudio, I like it on my desktops and laptops *a lot*. It
is finally something that works consistently and it picked-up regular
support from most of the audio-using apps I need. For MythtTV, well...
There is a problem on one or both sides of the fence. MythTV is the only
app I know/use with PA support that has issues with it.

My main BE+FE has no Pulseaudio, just plain ALSA, as i do not use it as
a desktop and do not need to take care of multiple apps using audio.

Pulseaudio is easy enough to get rid of on dedicated systems.

For shared desktops+FE, I wish there was a solution found between the PA
and Myth guys.


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