[mythtv-users] 10.04 volume issue

Josh White jaw1959 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 14:54:03 UTC 2010

> Hi Josh
> Well all I can do is commiserate, since upgrading to 10.04 I have had a
> never-ending string of audio difficulties.
> I'm not given to harshness but IMO that blight that is pulseaudio needs to
> be ripped out of your system by the roots.
> I've spent most of my time rebooting my Myth 0.23 box (usually 3 reboots is
> necessary) to re-gain
> lost audio after my FE/BE crashes to the desktop with subsequent total loss
> of audio and I'm convinced that it's solely due to Ubuntu's incorporation of
> a sound server that has basically (again, IMO) ruined what has been a very
> solid and proven esound architecture.
> The internal player crashes consistently with WMV3 files, external mplayer
> is better but not by much.
> Mythtv I'm sure is more finely tuned to system resources than some other
> applications and as such with pulseaudio enabled I've been pretty much
> relegated to XBMC and SageTV (which runs surprisingly well with zero crashes
> unless the audio has been previously brought down by a myth-pulseadio
> crash). The logs are full of pulseadio sink errors.
> I haven't experienced so much frustration with Linux since the 21st floppy
> of a 23 floppy Slackware distribution invariably being defective 25 years
> ago!
> Hopefully you'll get better mileage but I've had it with pulseaudio.
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It seems that with every release of myth and ubuntu, I find more things that
don't work.  The most stable setup I ever had was .21 running on ubuntu 8.10
(with the same hardware I'm running now).  I'm pretty sure I rebooted the
machine once between installation and upgrading to .22 (besides for a power
outage or two).  Those were the days...
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