[mythtv-users] Mythweb on Xbuntu

Brent Bolin brent.bolin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 16:21:45 UTC 2010

There are some things in Mythweb that are just faster and easier to
setup then the myth front end.

Recently did a back end reload using Xbuntu alternative for the raid options.

Everything works fine except viewing videos from Mythweb.  I have been
very paranoid about viewing videos from Mythweb because it removed all
the imbd numbers about two months ago.  They all had to be entered

Believe this was a bug running on .22 .  Reconfigured the box to run .22-fixes

However I still haven't used it.  Currently when I look at the Mythweb
videos section no videos are displayed.

There is a box in the top left corner that says -

 Directory Structure
All videos (these words are links)

I think last week I clicked on the link but nothing happened.  No
videos are displayed.  There is another button "Scan collection" that
I have not touched.  Think this was the button that deleted

I'd like to use Mythweb video section to check/edit video info.
Example: categories

Has this bug been fixed?  How do I get videos to show up on the page?
Can I edit categories?

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