[mythtv-users] Two tuners - Best setup?

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Mon Apr 26 16:52:57 UTC 2010

> I have two identical Hauppauge 950Q USB tuners each fed by the same rooftop
> antenna with a splitter.  I receive only OTA ATSC, and my program guide is
> EIT only.   I’m using one computer running both mythtv frontend and
> backend.
> What is the best way to define each of the tuners?  There are too many
> combinations to try them all.
> Should I define both tuners for EIT scanning, or only one?  If one, should
> one or the other be a higher priority, and, if so, how?
> Should I do a channel scan on the second defined tuner and “disregard
> duplicate channels”?  Should both tuners be connected the same "Video
> source" which I name EIT?
> Ideally, I'd like
>        - Recording/watching two shows - Both tuners should be receiving
> shows
>        - Recording/watching one show - One tuner should be receiving the
> show and the other should be EIT scanning
>        - Neither recording nor watching - Both tuners should be EIT
> scanning on different channels
Simply assign both tuners to the same video source.  Only need to scan once
for the video source.  And since EIT is assigned to the video source, I
assume that MythTV will handle the EIT scanning using both tuners as it sees
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