[mythtv-users] HDHR suddenly not recording

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 17:06:03 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 8:52 AM,  <mythtv at derdev.com> wrote:
> I'll bet you that Comcast put you into their "privacy" mini-encryption
> mode.  Your DTAs will decode the programming, but HDHR cannot.
> Yes, they did move channels between multiplexes, but you're still screwed.
> This is happening all over, many different instances on this list alone.
> You may still have hope that you weren't encrypted, yet.  YET.  Sorry to
> be glummy Gus.

Nahh, don't worry about my feelings. Better to get the info and know
than waste my time hoping.

I set up the newest Silicon Dust HDHR setup programs this morning in a
Windows VM. It scans the network, finds all the channels, and tells me
everything above 33 is now pretty much 100% encrypted. Seems that
there are still maybe 5-10 signals it finds that it says aren't
encrypted, but there's no video or audio on those channels.

Now, it's gloomy and depressing, but actually it's more emotional for
me than anything else. I spent some time looking at recording rules
and we get about 80% of what we record from the lower channel
networks. My job at this point is to replace the programs we can no
longer record with on-line versions if possible, and then to deal with
how I get news sources like MSNBC or CNBC if I drop Comcast

In the upper channels we pick up a few low channel programs at better
times freeing my HDHR for shows that have fewer showings. For
instance, recording first run House episode on USA instead of Fox
channel 2. Losing USA means we have to make a choice on the lower
channel programs. I could fix that with an additional HDHR or a
DTA+PVR+IRBlaster+Time+confusion. (I have two unused PVR-150s from the
old days)

Replacing The Daily Show and Colbert is here:


In Plain Sight & Psych are on Hulu

An incomplete list of things I haven't found replacement streams yet:

Project Runway
Saving Grace (series over so it doesn't matter)
The Closer
Burn Notice
White Collar

Other than the above we can't remember anything much we care about
recording on a regular basis and nothing gets recorded in HD.

- Mark

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