[mythtv-users] Dual display of Mythfrontend(differentresolutions)?

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>> I'm switching between those configurations by stopping and starting my
> display manager and setting the appropriate link to the other xorg.conf as
> well as .nvidia-settings-rc (In my case they're mainly setting
> brightness,contrast,etc.)

>I've been running a similar system at my place for years..
I never have to restart Xorg, all screens are available at once.

>They are all different X screens (not xinerama, mirror or anything
like that). One xorg.conf

>All of different resolutions.

>It's quite simple to set up really...

>You have 3 monitors sections, 3 devices sections, and 3 screen sections.
Each device section contains an Option "UseDisplayDevice" "xxx" and Screen x
Where xxx is the name of the video interface (one of DFP-0, DFP-1,
CRT-0 etc..) and x is the number of the screen it points to (0,1 or 2)

Interesting, do you see all three concurrently (from what you say it seems you do), and if so, how is each connected?  

Maybe CRT via VGA, DFP-0 via DVI and the third? (Perhaps component??) 

Which model of GeForce 8600 GT?
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