[mythtv-users] Disappearing recordings?

j2u4 j2u4 j2u44u at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 01:21:20 UTC 2010

I went to watch a couple of shows that I had previously recorded, but when I
selected them for viewing, mythfrontend said it couldn't find the files.
Selecting some other recordings worked fine. I tried from both frontends
that I have setup. Then I went to the backend to poke around and see what
happened. I my recordings directory, there were only 47 .mpg files, while
both frontends claimed that I had 99 recordings.

I could find nothing in the logs that recorded removing any of these files,
in fact, no reference to them at all, in none of the frontend/backend logs.

I do occasionally run mirobridge. Is mirobridge known to remove files that
it didn't originally install?

I don't see a pattern to what got deleted and what remains.

Any other theories on how this could happen? The hard drive doesn't appear
to have any errors.

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