[mythtv-users] Order of tuner cards

MythTV mythtv at ncc1701.serveftp.net
Wed Apr 14 02:24:58 UTC 2010

> I've got three tuner cards on my system.

I have two PCI cards and a dual tuner USB..

> At the moment, Fedora detects the Leaktek card first and puts this in
> as
> adapter0, and then the NOVA-T tuners are apader1 and adapter2.

I was unhappy with the order the tuners were added, mostly because it
was unpredictable..

> I'd like this to be the other way around, so that I can use the
> elsewhere when I'm not needing it for the BE, but if I remove it I
> to remove and re-add all the tuners.
> Is it possible to force linux to delay the loading of the Leadtek USB
> dongle until after the NOVA-T.

I use the following solution:


options cx88-dvb adapter_nr=0,1
options dvb_usb_dib0700 force_lna_activation=1 adapter_nr=2,3

This ensures the internal PCI (cx88-dvb) are adapters 1 & 2, and the
USB device is adapters 3 & 4.

This was an easy solution, but you will need to follow the wiki


if you want more control.  For example, I have two cards using cx88-dvb,
the order is not defined in this context, though it is consistent.
(Its actually defined by the order of the PCI slots, and I can reverse
them by
 reversing the cards..)

Good luck.

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