[mythtv-users] Saving the autogenerated Xorg.conf

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Tue Apr 13 22:25:19 UTC 2010

> I have an older Sony plasma TV (KE42TS2U) that is connected to my Acer Revo
> frontend. It's currently using an HDMI to DVI cable. This auto-detects the
> TV, gathers EID information as best as I can tell, but doesn't seem to put
> me at the optimal resolution for the TV. From the manual, its 1080i is
> 1024x1024, though the resolutions that MythBuntu and MythDora lob at it
> perform best when I select one of the canned resolutions - which the TV
> thinks is 720p.
> So here's my question. I'm about to put this into a more permanent
> placement (we just moved) with  HDMI to HDMI (Revo to Onkyo Receiver) and
> then HDMI to DVI (Receiver to TV). In the past, this has not done the best
> getting EID information. Can I connect it direct and then have it save to a
> hard-coded Xorg.conf file, which it will then use when I conenct the cables
> through the receiver? Can anyone recommend a good resolution to drive this
> display? I've started recording high def content with the HDHR and it's
> great, but I want the Revo to not have to work so hard rendering at some
> oddball resolution.
I will leave it to you, or another responder, to fill in the details... but
I should be able to point you down the right path.

The auto-generated config only specifies that the EDID data be used... so
there is nothing to "save".

What you will need to do is generate a modeline based upon the edid data.
There are numerous ways to retrieve/log the edid data (
http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13931).  And a bit of
research will explain how to transform that data into a modeline.

Finally, you will edit the Xorg.conf and insert the modeline, disable edid,
and tell it to use the mode you defined.  All of this is easily found in a
quick search.

I haven't messed with my xorg.conf in quite some time (thanks be to the Xorg
devs)... it's not fun, but its not too difficult.  One thing you may notice,
is that the EDID data your display spits out has a better resolution than it
selects by default, which would be nice.

Sometimes you will have good luck searching for a modeline for your
make/model of tv... often others have managed to get a better result than
what even the EDID data offers.  Also, some tv's have firmware updates (like
my Toshiba) that you may need to ensure your TV puts out good edid data.  I
know my Toshiba 1080i tv had trouble until I updated it's firmware... and it
still simply won't work with an Intel 950 video adapter... works fine with
Nvidia and ATI... but could never get a full 1080i signal out of the intel.
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