[mythtv-users] Question about XMLTV (specifically icetv)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Apr 13 17:58:16 UTC 2010

On 01/27/2010 01:26 AM, MythTV wrote:
> How do I search for or otherwise use program categories other than the 
> first category defined in an XMLTV entry?
> I am using the Ice TV Guide, downloading an XMLTV each day via 
> ‘tv_grab_ice’, in turn via ‘mythfilldatabase –update’.
> Now, every screening of a movie is marked as a movie in two ways
> 1) The name is augmented with the prefix ‘MOVIE: ‘ or ‘Movie: ‘.
> 2) The category ‘movie’ is added (as a second category).
> For example:
> <programme start="20100127131500 +0000" stop="20100127150000 +0000" 
> channel="2405">
> <title lang="en">MOVIE: Vigil In The Night</title>
> <desc lang="en">A ... epidemic.</desc>
> <credits>
> <director>George Stevens</director>
> <actor>Carole Lombard</actor>
> <actor>Brian Aherne</actor>
> <actor>Anne Shirley</actor>
> <actor>Julien Mitchell</actor>
> <actor>Robert Coote</actor>
> </credits>
> <date>1940</date>
> <category lang="en">Drama</category>
> <category lang="en">Movie</category>
> <category lang="en">Romance</category>
> <episode-num system="icetv">19926-0</episode-num>
> <video>
> <colour>no</colour>
> <aspect>16:9</aspect>
> </video>
> <previously-shown start="20090407"/>
> <rating system="">
> <value>PG</value>
> </rating>
> </programme>
> MythTV seems to do unexpected things with the information in XMLTV..
> My current concern is only the first category is kept. I cannot see 
> this movie by searching for category Movie or Romance
> I would like the strip the ‘Movie: ‘ prefix from all movie titles to 
> assist in sorting (especially in the ‘Watch Recordings’
> group list), however then I cannot uniquely identify movie screenings 
> via an advanced search or manual recording schedule.
> How do I search for or otherwise use program categories other than the 
> first?
> Once I’ve sorted that, I’m keen for all ‘Movies’ to drop into a single 
> program group of ‘Movies’ to significantly
> reduce the time taken to scroll through the program group list.

Dave, I'm pretty sure that MythTV only uses the first category provided 
by the listings source.

You would have to make some changes to both the database and the XMLTV 
parser to allow storing multiple categories (assuming you didn't just do 
a hack to concatenate a bunch of categories into the single category field).


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