[mythtv-users] Biggest Mythtv setup

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Sat Apr 10 15:15:10 UTC 2010

Another Sillyname wrote:
> P5WDG2 Pro, it's a Workstation Mobo  2 x PCI, 2 x PCI-X (being used as
> PCI), 2 x PCI-E and I got the setup wrong above (sorry got confused
> about what cards were in the unit)
> The Nova 500 is a PCI Dual Tuner so there's 2 DVB-T Tuners (4
> Virtual), the PCI-E slot mounts a HVR-2200 Dual Tuner so there's the
> other 2 DVB-T Tuners (4 Virtual). the other PCI slot and the 2 x PCI-X
> slots house the 3 Hauppauge DVB-S2 cards.
> The one I'm currently building is based on a P6T7 workstation Mobo
> with 7 PCI-E slots and will have 2 x HVR 2200 PCI-E Dual Tuners for 4
> actual (8 virtual) tuners and the other 4 PCI-E slots with likely have
> TBS 6980 Dual DVB-S2 tuners so 8 actual (16 Virtual) tuners....the
> last PCI-E slot is for the graphics card.  The Virtual tuners on
> DVB-S(2) are rarely used due to the way the transmission mux's are
> configured so you really only get to use the actual tuners usually on
> DVB-S(2).  I'm just waiting for the TBS 6980 drivers to be properly
> GPL'd rather then as a half lack which they are currently.
> I know many people will say it's overkill to have such a high spec on
> the backend but the advantage of being able to do all my transcoding
> of multiple recordings simultaneously on one box before spooling off
> to the media server makes it much more sensible for me.
> We ran a thread a few months back and reckoned there's only maybe
> 10-12 users running single backends that combine DVB-T and DVB-S.
No, I think it's neat.  I did something similar.  I have a pretty beefy 
backend that does all the flagging
and transcoding and went light on frontends.  My backend also does 
server duty for file storage,
asterisk, zoneminder, ftp/http, etc.  So far it's worked pretty well, 
other than my hdpvr crash that happened
recently.   I ran out of pci slots on my motherboard, so I went with a 
pci-expansion chassis formerly used in
a music studio.  The tuners don't seem to care.  I wish someone would 
release a card adapter for Dish network
so I could use DVB-S cards legally.  It would be a lot easier than HDPVR 

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