[mythtv-users] Biggest Mythtv setup

paul10 at planar.id.au paul10 at planar.id.au
Sat Apr 10 06:38:00 UTC 2010

> What is the biggest Mythtv setup?
> Number of Front Ends?
> Number of Back Ends?
> Number of capture cards?
> Number of Gigabytes/Terabytes/Petabytes?

Not mine :-)

1 backend, 3 tuner cards, 4 TB (7 physical, but RAID6 and some other
partitions leaves 4TB usable for myth)
1 frontend at present

But, shortly to be expanded with an additional backend (to run DVB-S tuner
card), and an additional frontend (to run music in bedroom - hopefully
fanless Atom/Ion).

I'm sure I've heard of people with 5 frontends, and people with 3
backends, maybe someone else will play?

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