[mythtv-users] HD-PVR input issues:

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 01:09:24 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 7:58 PM, Mark <fairlane at springcom.com> wrote:
>> KERNEL=="video*", ATTR{name}=="ivtv0 encoder MPG",
>> ATTRS{device}=="0x244e"  , SYMLINK+="pvr150"
>> KERNEL=="video*", ATTR{name}=="Hauppauge HD PVR",
>> ATTRS{vendor}=="0x8086", SYMLINK+="hdpvr"
>> KERNEL=="dvb*.frontend*", ATTRS{vendor}=="0x13d0", SYMLINK+="frontend0"
>> These are my rules they are placed in a folder under
>> etc/udev/60-simlinks.rules>
>> I then stop the backend,run mythtv-setup..Under video cards instead of
>> /dev/video0 put, /dev/hdpvr..reboot or restart UDEV and it should make
>> your simlink to your hdpvr...
>> Ubuntu has a script that is available that will figure all this out for
>> you,but I don't know if it will work under arch...
> I pulled the HDPVR off the backend, went to a windows computer and
> installed the latest drivers, which supposedly installed the latest
> firmware (not sure), then put it back onto the backend.
> I still get this during a cat /dev/video4 > test.ts:
> [root at cyclops mythtv]# cat /dev/video4 > test.ts
> cat: write error: Bad address
> When I run mythbackend, I get this:
> Channel(/dev/video4) Error: SetInputAndFormat(1, NTSC)
>                        while setting input (v4l v2)
>                        eno: Connection timed out (110)
> The only connections setup in mythtv-setup is component inputs, back side.
>  I even tried running an Svideo and composite cable just to be sure.
> I blew away all the tuners, and input connections and truncated the tables
> in mythconverg like my previous link.
> The output SEEMS to indicate it's trying to tune the HDPVR as a normal
> tuner, which doesn't make sense.
> The bad address write error is supposedly not having the cord connected.
> But it IS connected to the VIP211 Dish box.  I might try rebooting the box
> for completeness sake, but the only thing I haven't done is setup UDEV
> rules for the box, which I'm unsure the value of that and not sure how to
> do it anyway.  I don't have any udev rules on the backend.
> help?

If the vip211 is like my directv receivers, you cannot have the hdmi
cable and component outs connected at the same time (it will always
output hdmi if a cable is there)..  I had to completely remove the
hdmi cable from the box before output to component (and therefore the
hdpvr) would work..  Maybe this is it?


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