[mythtv-users] Myth 0.22 on Lucid 10.04

Jim jim at electron.phys.dal.ca
Fri Apr 9 14:58:33 UTC 2010

Nicolas Will wrote:
> On Fri, 2010-04-09 at 15:04 +1000, Chris Adams wrote:
>>> Problem is that I forgot I was using a bluetooth keyboard so about
>> 90% of
>>> the way through the upgrade a dialogue box re. some postgres setting
>> pops
>>> up. Yup my bluetooth keyboard had been
>>> disconnected through the upgrade procedure and I was dead in the
>> water.. it
>>> wouldn't even accept a usb keyboard to let the process finish.
>> It's too late now of course, but I wish you asked the list about
>> getting into the box - I would've been glad for the chance to help you
>> out :-)
>> If it happens again, you can run x11vnc over ssh then VNC to the box
>> and control it remotely. Assuming your X is on ":0" it'd be something
>> like:
>> $ sudo apt-get install x11nc; DISPLAY=:0 screen -d x11vnc 
> Or simply perform the do-release-update inside a screen session that you
> can recover in many ways.
> Also, an interrupted upgrade can always be recovered, even after a
> reboot, it just involves a bit of manual package cleanup after the fact.
> If the system is in such a state that it doesn't reboot, boot on a live
> CD, mount the local disks on the side, chroot into that, restart the
> upgrade, finish it, exit the chroot, unmount, reboot normally.
> Nico
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Yes the chroot is an interesting option but hopefully no one will be 
dumb enough to  start the upgrade from a bluetooth keyboard :/

Chris:  Thanks,  vnc was the first thing that I did try  but  no go, it 
probably would have worked if I had started it as you suggested but with 
"vncserver" it died, even with the new system upgraded and working 10.04 
wouldn't start vncserver till a bad option was commented out of the 
config file left over from 9.10 (discovered this once 10.04 was running 
or the vnc route would have worked)


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