[mythtv-users] Sound issue for one recording in 0.22 (not 0.23)

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 08:49:20 UTC 2010


On 9 April 2010 14:19, Jerry Rubinow <jerrymr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Standard mythbuntu 0.22-fixes.  Library api dated 0.22.20091023-1, mythtv
> version listed as 23193 by mythbackend, network protocol 50.
> I've never had a problem with any sound in a recording since first got
> things all working with the Revo.  I always record the HD broadcasts of
> shows, except for shows only available through the STB, via the HD-PVR.
> Changing Max Channels to stereo doesn't appear to affect the audio playback
> of the 3 or 4 shows I just tested.  Still missing on Survivor and still
> present on the others.

It's a different issue ; if you want surround sound in 0.22 with AC3
and DTS ; then you *must* set it to stereo.

So for a start; if oyu want to keep 0.22 , then fix your config and use stereo.

Ideally, upgrade to 0.23 and report if you still have the issue.

Please post a copy of the frontend log when playing that particular
video with -v audio

Then I can tell what the problem could be ; but be aware that I have
no intention of fixing any code in 0.22...

Have you tried playing the recording in mplayer to see if it works there ?
maybe it was simply recorded with no sound ?


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