[mythtv-users] Maximum length of cables for USB<>Serial DirecTV control?

Scott Harris mythtv at webhounds.net
Sun Apr 4 22:35:41 UTC 2010

Yan Seiner wrote:
> Scott Harris wrote:
>> Howdy all,
>>     I've got three DirecTV STBs, all working great either via
>> the built in mini RJ-22 or the USB<>Serial connections.  They are
>> all connected with fairly short cable lengths, < 2-3 feet.  I'm
>> trying to un-tether the 3 STBs from the mythtv backend system,
>> mainly to seperate them due to heat building.
>> I've read the various specs for USB cable lengths, and it seem that
>> going the 25-30 feet I need to go shouldn't be an issue, so long as
>> I'm willing to get better grade cable or add some sort of powered
>> repeater hub in the middle.
> The limit is 14 feet and the signal is digital.  It either gets there or 
> not.  There is no difference in quality.
> I use some repeaters with pretty good luck.  I have 4 repeaters (I think 
> - it's been a while) and a hub on the end.  You need a quality powered 
> hub; I went through a few before I found the one that works.
> Most things work fine.  I have 2 DVD players, a bluetooth keyboard, and 
> a few other things that work fine.
> A USB sound card failed to work.  My Sansa mp3 player connects but fails 
> to transfer.  So some things will work, some won't.
>> Does anyone have any real world proof that this distance would work?
>> Is it even feasible with the type of "USB" connections the STBs have?
>> Is there possibly a better, wireless solution?  I've never been too
>> keen on the wireless stuff, as it would mean some type of non direct
>> wired connection, which would reduce reliability.
> A single repeater shouldn't give you any problems.
> --Yan

Excellent info, thanks, Yan.


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