[mythtv-users] Recommendations for a Twin DVB USB tuner (with remote IR sensor) for UK (HD?) Freeview?

Greg Cope gregcope at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 20:47:06 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Looking to upgrade my mythbox when Mythbuntu/0.22 is out and my Revo
3600 arrives (thx Dave!) to make a new FE/BE.

Requirements are;

- (essential) USB (Revo has no PCI Slot[1]) Twin DVB tuner (we
presently have two Nova-Ts)
- (important) Easy linux support
- (important) Works in low reception areas (Should I go with a
WinTV-NOVA-TD Diversity Stick as it has an internal amplifier?)
- (nice to have) Remote IR receiver[2]

Any recommendations / things to avoid please let me know!

The remote IR receiver might be a sticker as this is normal on PCI
cards, but not on USB tuners.  I could move the revo into the lounge
but not sure how the IR receiver would work behind a tv/cabinet.
Cables have a low WAF, and the remote needs to work at least as good
as the present one otherwise WAF will suffer.

I know maplin do a cheapy (24.99) one (Dave again);

But looking at Dave's trails last year the cheapy one is not straigh
forward to setup.

Do I need to think about anything for UK HD broadcasts when they
start?  I was thinking about Freesat on a USB tuner (I think I need
DVB S2?) as we have an unused Sat on the roof.



1. Not many Atom boards do and the revo is a cheap all-in-one that has
Nvidia 9400M Ion graphics for future HD
2. FE/BE is in the garage and connects to world via a hole in the wall
- the present Nova-T remote IR receiver is extended to pass through
this hole).

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