[mythtv-users] Intermittent Low frame rate on Front end PC

Rob Aley rob at active-net.co.uk
Thu Oct 29 11:42:59 UTC 2009

> Quoting Ronald Frazier <ron at ronfrazier.net>:
>>> Also, in a similar vein, when I'm watching pre-recorded shows and pause
>>> them, when I press play again the same thing happens, and the only way to
>>> get back to normal frame rate is to mark the position, go back to the menu
>>> and start playing again. This happens less frequently though.
>> I get something similar on rare occasion. Sometimes when I first start
>> a program or skip forward or back, or more likely when I pause and
>> unpause it, it will have a jerky picture (like it's not full frame
>> rate). The audio is fine, however. When this happens, I pause and
>> unpause it and everything is fine again. It's not a problem that
>> happens too commonly, so I have no real way to track it down (really
>> no way to reproduce it on demand).
>> I'm running 0.21 on a core 2 duo with an onboard nvidia 7100.
>> --
>> Ron
I've had that before vrey occasionally where the PC has needed to
"catch up" with itself, probably due to temporary network congestion or
congestion on the PC itself. However my current problem doesn't seem to
be the same, in that pausing again, rewiniding, waiting etc. all have
no effect. I have to come right out of the show I'm watching and go
back in (or in the case of Live TV go out of the tuner and come back

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