[mythtv-users] channel mapping with hdhomerun

Jarom McDonald jarom_mcdonald at byu.edu
Wed Oct 28 20:20:05 UTC 2009

On 10/28/09 14:11, Greg Woods wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-10-28 at 12:51 -0700, Michael Drons wrote:
>> I just purchased a HDHR and I am having a difficult time mapping the channels
> As Eric Sharkey mentioned, theoretically scte65scan can help, if Comcast
> is providing that data. They are not where I live, so I end up having to
> configure all the HDHR channels manually, a huge PITA.
>> So schedule direct has USA at channel 35, is that what I configure in mythtv
> That is what I do. The channel number really doesn't matter, but it
> probably makes more sense if it matches the Comcast channel number,
> because that is how it will show up in your guide.
>> What fields in the screen need to match?
> The most important field to match is the XMLTVID, because that is what
> mythfilldatabase uses to match your channel table entry with the
> SchedulesDirect guide data. Unfortunately, if scte65scan doesn't work
> where you are, the only way to obtain the XMLTVID value is to go to the
> SchedulesDirect web site, get to your lineup page, and hover the mouse
> over the channel. That displays the XMLTVID value. I have always tried
> to match the call signs as well but I am not sure that is even
> necessary. It too helps your guide data make sense but I don't think
> it's actually used in scheduling.
> There are three ways I know of to edit the channel entries. One is to
> modify rows in the "channel" table using the mysql command line. This is
> what I do because I have already become more familiar with SQL commands
> than I ever wanted to be, due to both home and work projects. If you're
> not comfortable with that, you can use the Channel Editor in
> mythtv-setup. The last method is to press 'e' while watching the channel
> in Live TV. Either way it's a tedious process that has to be repeated
> for every single channel.
> If anybody has come up with a way to avoid this tedium, I would love to
> hear about it.
> --Greg

Using mythweb is slightly less tedious -- you can at least see all the 
channels at once and do copying/pasting of the XMLTVID from the 
schedules direct website.

I've periodically seen talk of trying to automate the process, but that 
can never be reliable without some sort of data coming from the cable 
provider indicating which channel it is (unless it were a community 
effort...groups of people who have a particular provider maintaining a 
web service that maps xmltvids to the frequencies/programs used by the 
cable company).


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