[mythtv-users] Can't set keybindings for some keys on 0.22RC1

Duncan Brown mythtv at duncb.co.uk
Wed Oct 28 19:30:31 UTC 2009

Ben Lancaster wrote:
> Hey.
> So, I upgraded to 0.22 using JYA's packages, since the upgrade MythTV 
> isn't recognising button presses for a number of buttons on my MCE-USB 
> remote (the Phillips one). Specifically anything bound to a function 
> key (F1-12) in my .lircrc.
> `irw` picks up the keypresses correctly and displays the output you'd 
> expected given my lircrc, but MythTV still says "waiting for keypress" 
> when I try and set keybindings for these buttons. It's as though 
> MythTV is using an entirely different lircrc (even though the one in 
> ~/.mythtv is symlinked to ~/.lircrc).
> All of my other LIRC-aware programs are responding as expected, and my 
> LIRC configuration hasn't changed since 0.21 (when it was working 
> flawlessly).
> Any pointers? I'm using lircd 0.8.4a on Mythbuntu 9.04, and the 
> "srcversion" attribute in `modinfo lirc_mceusb2` says 
> "C25EC95198EA9588DC14D17".
Its a bug, see here:


I've been getting around it by manually typing in the F keys in the 
mythweb  keybindings page. Doing it this way does need a restart of the 
frontend to work though


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