[mythtv-users] Mouse friendly myth?

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Tue Oct 27 11:17:11 UTC 2009

On 26-Oct-2009, at 12:44, Nick Rout wrote:
> its a design choice, mouse not needed, keyboard driven so that lirc  
> works.

There is a huge difference between "mouse not needed" and "Why the  
hell would you ever want to use a mouse? Let's make is IMPOSSIBLE,  

The very last thing that I want on the couch when I am watching TV is  
a keyboard. I don't even like to have a remote with more than 4 or 5  
buttons. I watch TV/Movies in a completely dark room. Messing about  
with multiple buttons is a pain. Having a lit keyboard means the room  
is not dark. A (wireless) two-button mouse with a scroll wheel is just  
about the perfect device for controlling video.

VLC is completely manageable via a mouse (even to the point of a  
context sensitive scroll wheel action that controls the volume  
everywhere on screen except over the scrubber, where it controls the  
playhead position). So this is not a 'it's not possible' decision.  
There's no reason to make the mouse useless other than a desire to  
inflict one's preferences on everyone else, "You SHOULDN'T use the  
mouse so we will make it so you CAN'T."

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