[mythtv-users] transcoding a bunch of files

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 19:10:32 UTC 2009


I have a bunch of video files that I have created over a long period of
time.... with camcorders with tape, digital camcorders, various tuner cards,
ripping of discs to various qualities and codecs...  they are of varying

I now want to use only the internal mythtv player to keep a consistent UI
and keys (I know I can map the keys of Xine also)...

So, Myth doesnt play them all and I have been looking at various ways of
transcoding to H264 (ideally)

I know there will be *some* transcoding loss; I can live with that... what I
want to do is point a script at a directory of files and let it get on with
transcoding. The rules of the script would be the following:
 - The script should re-transcode only the files not using H264
 - The script should not change the resolution
 - The audio should stay in the number of channels that is there currently;
if it is uncompressed then change to AAC, if compressed in MP3 or M4A leave
it alone...
 - keep the file to be roughly the same size (within a couple of MB) or
smaller if quality can be maintained.

I have looked at Mencoder, FFMPEG, VLC and I cant get even one file to come
out as I want... so I am turning to the experts... you.

thanks in advance.


Thanks And Regards,

Richard Morton

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