[mythtv-users] .22 + Ubuntu 9.10 overscan issue.

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 15:15:43 UTC 2009

> I've re-setup my main frontend and the GUI is overscaned so far that I
> can't see the checkboxes on the left side. I tried the screen setup
> wizard, but it messes up my display. It worked before the upgrade, so
> I don't know what to think there. I had to go into the database and
> clear the GUI size fields to get some display back. It was moved far
> to the upper left and looked "squished". I've considered upgrading the
> NVidia driver, I'm on 180.60 right now. I seem to remember reading
> that there was an update recently that includes some fixes for
> overscan in the NVidia driver and tool. Does anyone have some
> experience with it? The card is a 9800GT.

The drivers from 190.36 and up have a overscan compensation setting.
It works great. I think the only complaint is that it only has a
single adjustment rather than allowing the vertical and horizontal
overscan to be adjusted independently.

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