[mythtv-users] Skipping and time length messed up

Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Mon Oct 26 04:12:50 UTC 2009

On Saturday 24 October 2009 02:39:55 pm Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 10/24/2009 02:02 PM, Tim Ashman wrote:
> > ok, I don't really care about finding out which recordings are messed up.
> >  I can find out by watching them and if the commercial skip works then it
> > is fine it the first skip fails I'll know I can't do any seeking on this
> > recording.  Since I delete almost every show after I've watched it it
> > sounds like I should just see if it just works it way through.
> Actually, a broken seek table won't necessarily result in an inability
> to seek, it could also manifest as slow seeks or blockiness when seeking
> or other issues.  So, if you see any kind of issue when doing anything
> other than just playing the recording from start to end, you probably
> want to try to rebuild the seektable on that video (since you know you
> may have some corrupt seektables).
> > My only concern would be what happens to those seek entries that are
> > wrong after I delete the file (show) associated with them, does the logic
> > of the "delete" also delete the incorrect records in the seek table
> > because they are still marked with the correct show, or do these entries
> > end up just hanging out making my table larger than it would otherwise
> > be?
> They'll be deleted.  If the data that links them to the recording got
> corrupted, then they've already been deleted (mythbackend cleans up that
> table once per day and gets rid of any records that don't correspond to
> existing recordings (where existence is determined by database metadata,
> not file/file system info).
> Mike

Well have several days the problem still exists on new shows.  So either the 
repair of the seek table didn't go correctly or that isn't the problem.  Is 
there any other suggestions?  I could rebuild the backend if you think that 
is the problem.  Is there any chance it is the frontend?


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