[mythtv-users] reliable dvd backup

Gavin Peters gavin at ytz.ca
Sun Oct 25 18:08:50 UTC 2009


I've seen some threads on here about reliable backing up of DVDs with
various bad-sector copy protection schemes.  I've had trouble with this
too; I want to keep my children's DVDs out of reach of dirty hands,
but I want the movies easy to play.  DVD backup by myth is great for this.

I just started using dvdbackupx; it's a variant of dvdbackup that runs
a DVD vm in an effort to determine which sectors are unreferenced,
and skips those when doing backup.  Pretty clever, and it's worked for me
every time I've tried it on discs that Myth just doesn't like.

So, enjoy!  I hope functionality like this could make it into myth.  That'd
be most excellent; but it's easy enough to add a script calling this (and then
genisoimage) to my UI.

- Gavin

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