[mythtv-users] Question about mythfilldatabase?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Oct 22 20:49:13 UTC 2009

On 10/22/2009 04:26 PM, David Yoder wrote:
> Hi there. I only recently subscribed to the list, so please, please 
> forgive me if this question has already been addressed.
> The short version of my question is: I'm using DataDirect and have the 
> option selected to allow the server to schedule my next grab. I'm 
> wondering if I can separate the grabbing process of mythfilldatabase 
> from the mysql stuffing process? I.e., can I allow the server to 
> dictate when I grab the data for server load purposes, while I can 
> dictate when the data will be processed into the mysql server? Read on 
> for details as to why.
> The long version: I noticed that the mythfilldatabase process takes an 
> awful lot of cpu load on my meager machine. I have a separate frontend 
> machine in another room which I use for viewing, but while 
> mythfilldatabase is running, things jam up and I can't watch programs, 
> live TV, etc. (I get a message that the backend seems to have gone 
> away, and killing mythfilldatabase immediately fixes things.) I want 
> to be a good user and let the DataDirect servers manage their load 
> properly, but I also would like to schedule the load on my end to be 
> low during times I might be watching TV (i.e. 4am would be a good time 
> for things to run on my end). I know that mythfilldatabase has a 
> --file option for XMLTV grabbers (I had to use it back in the day), so 
> I'm wondering if I can somehow set things up to work with the 
> DataDirect grabber so that everybody's happy? Thanks in advance for 
> your help! 

The closest you could get to this is

a) Install xmltv
b) Set up tv_grab_na_dd
c) Write a script that uses tv_grab_na_dd to get the "raw" (DD--don't 
have it convert to XMLTV format or it will take more processor time 
/and/ will result in your getting less useful data for each program) and 
save it somewhere (sorry, I forgot the argument that specifies this, but 
it should be available in the --help output)
d) Change the setting, "mythfilldatabase Program" (in General settings 
of mythtv-setup in trunk or in mythfrontend settings for -fixes) to 
specify the full path to the script you wrote (and ensure the user 
running the backend has appropriate permissions to read and execute it 
and the directories leading to it).  Then, mythbackend will run your 
script instead of mythfilldatabase.
e) Set up a cron job to run mythfilldatabase --dd-file <sourceid> 
<offset> <lineupid> <xmlfile> (for each video source you've set up).

Oh, and thanks for asking how to do it right rather than just setting up 
a cron job and ignoring the provider-suggested time.


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