[mythtv-users] A new theme on the way...

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Thu Oct 22 04:38:39 UTC 2009

Chris Ribe wrote:
> I am aware that there is a long history of popular non-GPL themes, but a 
> license that "disallows copying or derivative works" is unlike any 
> Creative Commons license I am aware of. 

There's a whole series of Creative Commons licenses, so people can pick 
whatever they find suits their purposes best.  They're basically a 
combination of three variables: Is attribution required?  Is commercial 
use allowed?  Are derivative works allowed?  There are versions of the 
license with pretty much any combination of these you like.  The only 
thing they have in common is all of them allow some form of copying:

Artwork is a different animal than code and a GPL license doesn't make a 
lot of sense for art.  (What's the "source code" of a painting?)  The 
most GPL-like Creative Commons license would probably be 
Attribution-Share Alike, which allows derivative works as long as 
they're licensed under the same terms, and as long as the original 
artist is credited.

A lot of artists are pretty uncomfortable with letting others alter 
their work and then redistribute it.  It can really make you look bad if 
the alterations are off-color or even just plain incompetent.

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