[mythtv-users] The "right" way for non-dev users to test 0.22 RC1?

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 00:26:54 UTC 2009

> OK, I'll try a source build.
> Are the 0.22 RC1 docs correct for that?  I suspect not, because the first
> thing I noticed is that they mention requiring QT3.
> I'll follow the README files...

I don't think the implication that you should do source over a
package. The point was complaining about packages needs to go to the
packager not the mythtv devs. You are usually going to have the
easiest time going with a package manager, especially if you aren't
sure what you are doing. I don't run Fedora but I have seen threads on
this list with people installing from ATrpms. I see the have the .22
packages. I think you just need to ask the right questions.

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