[mythtv-users] New 50" Plasma, setting Myth for it?

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Oct 20 18:41:58 UTC 2009

Simon Hobson wrote:
> Josh White wrote:
>> Why would you by a TV for use as a monitor?  You can get a 26" monitor 
>> for much less than a 26" TV (at least at the Best Buy I was in last 
>> weekend in central NY), and aviod the trouble with the "HD stuff" in 
>> general.
> But they have ridiculously high resolutions - 40% more than on a 26" TV. 
> The reason I'm specifically looking at TVs and not monitors is so that I 
> can get a large display & relatively low resolution without all the 
> artifacts that result from running an LCD panel at other than it's 
> native resolution.

In my experience, the rescaling on most monitors works pretty well if 
you can use a horizontal resolution that divides evenly into the panel 
resolution.  1024x768 looks pretty decent on my 2048x1024 monitor, but 
800x600 has really obvious scaling artifacts.

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