[mythtv-users] Schedule Time Bump for Sports Overtime

Graham Mitchell gmitch at woodlea.com
Mon Oct 19 22:56:56 UTC 2009

I do not think this could ever work without human intervention or the
sharing of schedule information that was created by some other mythtv
user. There are too many variables. I mean after the game ends how
long will the network take to wrap it up. After the wrap up how long
will the commercial break be to the first program ... If it is 75
minutes behind is the network guaranteed to not just skip the 1 hour
show that was scheduled after the game or can we see a show in
progress ...





What we really need in the US, is a version of this (http://625.uk.com/pdc/)
which has been running in the UK since 95. I think it's also part of the
EIT, and it's a requirement for Frewview+ branded boxes, but I'm not up 100%
on it, since I moved to the US in 01.




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