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Vidal Sainz vidal at lanwantech.net
Mon Oct 19 18:00:15 UTC 2009

Thanks for the response.... This ended up being a problems with XVMC and the
NVIDIA driver.  I re-read the XVMC how to on the wiki and noticed that I did
not disable a few things using the NVIdia-settings tools.  The how to says

Use the 'nvidia-settings' or 'nvidia-config' control panel program to
disable Video Texture Adapter and/or Video Blitter Adapter "Sync to VBlank"
checkboxes (on the "X Server XVideo Settings" page)

Now I have a new problem since upgrading to the .22 RC.  I will open a new
thread for that...

On Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 9:19 AM, Vidal Sainz <vidal at
wrote: >* I have an unusual problem watching HD content that I am hoping
someone can *>* help me with.  I have 2 HD tuners in my mythtv box, an
hd5500 and and *>* hvr-1600.  Whenever I use either of these tuners to
record or watch a *>* program on ABC the audio is kinda choppy and the video
seems to be playing *>* at a slightly slower speed than normal.  The funny
part if that I can watch *>* the recorded programs on my PS3 via UPNP or on
my PC using Mythtv Player *>* with absolutely no problem.  I dont have these
problems with any other HD *>* channels.*>* *>* I use to think this was due
to lack of CPU but I have upgraded to a Dual *>* Core proc and added a
second HD tuner, but am still having the problem.  I *>* have tried using
all the Playback profiles and have had no luck correcting *>* this.
Hopefully someone out there has some idea of what could be wrong. *>*
*>*BTW...  I am using Mythtv .21 with a pretty recent build from SVN.
*>* problem has also persisted through several SVN upgrades... *>**>*
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Vidal: Have you tried running top or something else to see what CPU usage
is? How much memory do you have? Is it being used up by something (my usual
culprit is firefox!) One other place to look is disk throughput. I was
having some trouble with Mysql a while back that was causing choppy
playback. SchedulesDirect was setting the update time right in the middle of
prime viewing time, and the combination of updating all of the schedules and
showing HD -- and occasionally even SD -- was too much. It wasn't really the
CPU or memory that was the problem, but the bus was being overloaded with
all of the data moving around. I've heard that there is some way to move
mysql and the myth database onto another machine, but I've never looked into
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