[mythtv-users] bluetooth remote

Andy Wettstein ajw1980 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 15:29:06 UTC 2009

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 04:28:18PM -0700, Michael Drons wrote:
> I picked up the Sony Bluetooth remote and having some issues getting it to work.
> The PC is running gentoo with Bluetooth 4.39 (net-wireless/bluez-4.39-r2).
> I push the start-enter keys and using the hcitool scan command I see the device pair with the computer. 
> BUT, the device disconnects after about 1 minute.  
> I never receive anything with irw.
> Is this a common remote in use?  Or should I give up and get an IR remote?

I've have this set up and working fine.  I was using bdremote with the
bluez 3.36 for quite a while.

I switched over the bdremote-ng with bluez 4.56 last night and that
seems to be working fine as well.  I think bluez 4.x versions will need
the bdremote-ng.  Is that what you are using?

I had paired it with the gnome bluetooth applet from the 3.x versions
and I didn't have to pair it again after I upgraded.  I think the
hcitool command won't make a permanent pairing.  The bdremote-ng
documentation says to use hidd --connect.  You could also try the gnome
bluetooth applet or blueman if that doesn't work.

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