[mythtv-users] Hardware for Over the Air Digital

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Thu Oct 15 23:35:33 UTC 2009

On 15-Oct-2009, at 15:07, Travis Tabbal wrote:
>> All that I want to 'record' is the over-the-air HDTV broadcasts  
>> (ATSC?
>> what's that stand for?). While I currently only care about a  
>> maximum of two
>> feeds, it might be nice during something like the Olympics to have  
>> more
>> recording capability, so something I could expand to four feeds  
>> might be
>> worth looking into.
> So you're going to put up an antenna? Or do you want to try to use  
> the cable
> coax you mentioned?

I was hoping to just use a basic indoor antenna. I'm pretty much in  
the center of the city and I don't think I need a rooftop antenna.  
Back when we had a TV we got analog reception just fine on all  
channels off rabbit ears. How would I use my coax Internet cable?

>> I'm hesitant about the HDHomeRun simply because I don't want  
>> another box,
>> but if that's clearly the best choice I am willing to reconsider.  
>> On the
>> other hand, I guess with the HDHomeRun I could simply dump the  
>> streams to
>> the server in the first place, so that is an option.
> The HDHR is small, and it has an IR receiver so you can use a normal  
> remote
> control for the Myth machine. I haven't used any internal cards, so  
> I can't
> really compare.

Er… OK, I don't understand that. How does the IR receiver on the HDHR  
help? Doesn't it simply get controlled via the mythTV software? I  
don't have to manually tune/record do I?

>> Oh, and I also am going to want to reencode the MPEG-2 streams to h. 
>> 264
>> (720p), though I expect to do that on the MacPro since it's a much  
>> faster
>> machine. However, if anyone has any suggestions along those lines,  
>> I'm all
>> ears.
> Handbrake can do this on the Mac. There's also mythtranscode, but  
> I've never
> tried to do this with it.

Yep, Handbrake is my planned solution for this, though I don't know  
what to use to strip the commercials first. MPEG Streamclip, I  
suppose. Daunting.

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