[mythtv-users] Suddenly nearly every recording is short

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 02:11:59 UTC 2009

Starting last night at 9PM and except for a couple of recordings made
mid-morning today every recording is coming up very short in time.

Approximate times:

Letterman - 7 minutes
Conan - 15 minutes
Ferguson - 10 minutes
NCIS: LA - 15 minutes
the forgotten - 20 minutes

However NCIS at 8PM recorded fine as well as Stewart and Colbert
recorded this morning just fine. Again, this afternoon a cooking show
my wife records quit after about 6 minutes.

I've looked all the log files and see no problems. In fact everything
looks very normal, like it thought it was recording right amount of
time. Letterman commercial flagging started at 12:30 which would be
about right for the program being completely recorded.

I've not heard of a problem like this before. Has this been reported?

If not then I'm leaning toward some weird hardware problem on my end
which is easy to guess but hard to determine. I did have my recording
drive go out a few weeks ago and I've been using an older 1394 drive
since then. I don't know how it would cause this problem and not leave
any messages anywhere but stranger things have happened I suppose.

Anyway, I'd be very appreciative of inputs toward solving this issue.


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