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Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Wed Oct 14 14:29:49 UTC 2009

Ronald Frazier wrote:
>> In Mythbuntu 9.0.4 is it possible to configure the fast forward to play at
>> an 2x or 4x speed? Mine skips in 30 second increments which usually is fine
>> but every now and then I'd like to watch at high speed. Ideally, I'd like to
>> be able to choose between skipping 30 seconds ahead and playing at double
>> speed right on the remote. (Not to be confused with the jump forward and
>> back buttons which jump in 15 minute increments.)
> To answer you question (plus a bit more than you asked for, since you
> seem to have a little confusion on what's available), you have 6
> different ways to move through a program besides normal 1X playback.
> 1) You can jump, which (I believe) is in increments of minute with 10
> being default, and I don't believe there are separate settings for
> forward and back. I don't recall which key does this.
> 2) You can seek, which is in increments of second...don't recall the
> default, and this is configurable for forward and back (I use 30
> seconds forward, 10 seconds. The keys for this are SEEKFFWD and
> 3) Using those same keys, you can actually seek an arbitrary number of
> minutes forward or backward. If you want to jump ahead 23 minutes, you
> hi the keys 2, then 3, then SEEKFFWD. To jump back 1 hour 24 minutes,
> you'd hit 124 then SEEKRWND.
> 4) You can use the FFWDSTICKY and RWNDSTICKY keys to seek through at
> high speed. This is similar to how a VCR/DVD player allows you to
> fastforward and rewind while still watching the video. You get no
> sound when doing this. You can configure the playback speeds
> increments (default is something like 2X, 5X, 20X, etc), but there is
> no GUI for it so you have to modify them in the database directly. I
> did release a patch for 0.21 that allows you to configure the
> increments in the GUI, as well as give you some better control of some
> of the settings, but nobody took an interest in adding it. I'm not
> sure how well it applies against 0.22 now. The patch is in ticket
> 4492.
> 5) You can use the stretch feature to adjust the playback rate from
> between 0.5X (I think) and 2.0X. This is user adjustable at playback
> time. You can use the ADJUSTSTRETCH key to bring up a speed adjustment
> control during playback, or you can use TOGGLESTRETCH, STRETCHINC, and
> STRETCHDEC keys. One advantage of this over the other methods is that
> you continue to hear audio.
> 6) You can also playback in slow motion using the SPEEDDEC key.
Thanks. That's a very good explanation. As usual, Myth has more than
enough options/features. I played with it a little last night and was
able to FFWD at 2x, 5x, etc using the keyboard. I'll work at getting
my remote to be able to do the same as soon as I get time. This will
certainly improve the WAF.


 Jim Morton   

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