[mythtv-users] Help? /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lvdpau compiling trunk

William william_munson at comcast.net
Wed Oct 14 02:25:38 UTC 2009

Jean-Yves Avenard wrote:
> 2009/10/14 William <william_munson at comcast.net>:
>> I am trying to compile trunk and am stuck. I am getting the following error
>> when compiling libmythui with vdpau support.  I have JYA's nvidia 190.36
>> drivers installed including the -dev package. I am running ubuntu 8.04.  I
>> did have to make a manual symlink to one of the libs to get past a previous
>> compile error but cannot remember atm what lib it was. Perhaps this is the
>> same sort of issue but this one does not offer any clues as to whats
>> actually wrong. Any thoughts or suggestions on what I missed installing?
> You must install libvdpau-dev
> I wonder why I write documentation for :(
> BTW, I have daily trunk build available in the "trunk" repository.
> You don't have to compile it yourself
> _______________________________________________

Thank you! I somehow tagged the wrong -dev package. I am actually just 
compiling it just to be able to do so not that I am planning on 
switching quite yet. I plan on optimizing it for my processor and 
capture devices once I get a good base compile. I currently run your 
-fixes release being too lazy to patch vdpau support into .21 myself but 
since its in the base code now, I would like to get back to my optimized 
version once 0.22 is released or at least at -rc1.

BTW - Thanks for a great upgrade and all your support.


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