[mythtv-users] Help with wakeup?

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 23:38:02 UTC 2009

> Have anyone got this card, and have some clues to what I am missing?


I don't have the card, sorry.

However, it depends on the BIOS implementation what the value that
must be echoed to /proc/acpi/wakeup in order to enable alarm clock
events to wake the system.  In the how-to you cited, the value I
spotted in the example script /etc/init.d/wakeup was PCI0.  On my
system the correct value turned out to be MMAC.  I suggest you find
out what the possible values are with:
# cat /proc/acpi/wakeup
Then try echoing each of the values (on my system, they are listed in
the first field of a table showing which also shows what the maximum
S-state it supports waking up from, what its current state is
[disabled/enabled] and what its Sysfs node is).
Echo one of the values, cat the settings to verify it is enabled
(echoing twice will turn it back off, as usually is the case when the
system is shutdown and rebooted, apparently even after successfully
waking up the system!), and then trying the test process to set the
alarm and see if it wakes up.



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