[mythtv-users] Fancontrol with replaced CPU fan

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 13:26:18 UTC 2009

> You should be fine with a 3 pin fan, I've got a 3 pin fan into a 4 pin
> header and it is speed regulated just fine.
> Infact, I don't think any of my CPU fans are 4 pins, and they all vary speed
> according to BIOS settings. :) (One of these boards is an Asus too.)

This is promising I had read many places that this won't allow for pwm
speed control. I guess I will plug in one of my current case fans for
a minute and see if I can get that to work.

> You could also just buy a low noise 3 pin fan and run it full speed all the
> time, you can get some very low noise fans these days.

It is a 70mm fan. It is hard to find many of these and they generally
aren't quiet because they have to spin quite fast at that small of a

> How hot does it get? You may be well within tolerances?

With a fan it is around 40-50, without the fan it jumped up to 70
even when it is idle.

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