[mythtv-users] mythcal - script for synchronising MythTV recording schedule to a Google calendar

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Oct 11 22:14:58 UTC 2009

On 10/11/2009 04:37 PM, Richard Fearn wrote:
> It should be putting all of your upcoming recordings into the
> calendar. It should be OK for one-off recordings, but it might not
> work 100% for recurring recordings, for example. I hope to look into
> this soon.

Rather than re-implement the scheduler logic in Python, you should 
really look at using the MythTV Python bindings to just ask the backend 
for the information you need.  It will give you a list of every single 
recording scheduled within the listings period--and much, much, more, if 
you desire.

The Python bindings in 0.22 should be in very good shape--they should be 
light years ahead of even the Perl bindings (which were--until the 
Python bindings were updated by Raymond Wagner--considered to be in good 


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