[mythtv-users] mythbuntu 9.10 / myth 0.22 & vdpau

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 14:50:26 UTC 2009

2009/10/8 Dave Walker <DaveWalker at ubuntu.com>:

> It does make me wonder why Jean-Yves doesn't submit his changes back to
> us, so both our automated (currently daily for trunk) and the actual
> packages in the Ubuntu archive can benefit from changes he suggests.


I did!

I even submitted an ITP to debian as suggested on #ubuntu-mythtv-dev...

Those changes in packaging require a new package "libvdpau" and a
repackaging of the nvidia drivers. I only followed the new
requirements set by nvidia.

Too late for Karmic unfortunately...

Now if mythbuntu wants to take the lead and package the vdpau
libraries differently, my ITP bug# is
Bug#549626: ITP: libvdpau -- Video Decode and Presentation API for
Unix. This library provides free wrapper of the Video Decode and
presentation API.

Doing a lot of testing with the nvidia drivers, being able to change
drivers without having to re-install all vdpau related packages(
mythtv, mplayer and xine being the main one) is very practical.
And if you don't want any nvidia stuff install on your machine because
it isn't open source, well now you can still enjoy mythtv !

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