[mythtv-users] New theme (blue-abstract) for MythTV 0.22+ available

Robert Siebert Trebor_S at web.de
Wed Oct 7 10:44:15 UTC 2009

Hello everybody,

I can do this. I will also add some more information to this screen, like parental level.
I'll update this within the next days.

About the menu highlighting issue: 
I don't use gradients in the menu, only png-pictures. I haven't seen any of these strange menu problems. 
Have you all tried to delete the old theme cache? Do you use OpenGL painter? 
Another help would be to get some logging information about the theme, maybe there are some valuable information. 
I have some suggestions below for this issue. Please report if this works. 

Here is the code that is responsible for the menu display. 

<statetype name="buttonitem">
    <!-- General settings for the menu entry -->
    <state name="active">
         <imagetype name="background" />
         <textarea name="buttontext">
     <!-- Menu entry has been selected and is active -->
     <state name="selected" from="active">
         <imagetype name="background">
             <alphapulse min="120" max="255" change="2"/>

Maybe it helps to change the "<imagetype name="background" />" in the active state to

<imagetype name="background">

Maybe also adding below in the selected state the "<alphapulse min="120" max="255" change="2"/>" a
"<alpha>255</alpha>" helps.

Best regards

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